CS Plastics was founded in 2008 by Werner Vanderveken and Jurgen Lippens. Previously, they were colleagues at IPM, the independent representation of Engel injection moulding machines on the Belgian and Luxemburg markets. In the reorganization of Engel to a Benelux branch in Houten in the Netherlands, they took the initiative to concentrate fully on «Peripherals». This includes the complete technical arrangement of plastic processing companies, except for the machine. As a Result, CS Plastics became a valued and reliable partner of various suppliers of injection moulding machines, extrusion machines, thermoform and blowing machines.


CS Plastics specializes in the complete trajectory of your company's raw materials. From unloading and buffering to the transport towards the processing machines. In between, drying and crystallization, dosing and colorization are assured. This for granulates, regrind, flakes and powders. We support your production with the most energy efficient refrigeration and temperature control systems.

Besides End of Arm Tooling to unload the machine we design the following transport of the finished products, buffering and downstream automations. Recycling is a growing sector in which we are fully committed.


We also provide 3D drawings, flow sheets, piping, complete installations, training and a highly valued service.

Our new Warehouse just next to the E17 in Lokeren, contains besides a very extensive stock of piping materials, our complete range of mould maintenance and cleaning products. This guarantees a very fast delivery.

We also have an extensive stock of second hand and demo equipment that you can always visit. A detailed overview of this can be found in our promotions section. If you have equipment for renewal, we would like to evaluate the acquisition.

CS Plastics is a growing company. If you Are passionate about being a part of this fascinating world where technology and customers are central, you can always contact us. We hope that you will get a clear picture of our possibilities through our website. A «Complete Solution» is for us that solution that offers You the competitive advantage in a competitive world!


The CS Plastics Team