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We always have an extensive stock of equipment available for immediate delivery / collection. This includes a long list of over 100 appliances including raw material dryers, vacuum pumps, tempering devices, grinders and so much more.

You can also rent them to deal with temporary shortages. If you still wish to purchase, the already invoiced rental amount will be deducted from the purchase price.

Second-hand devices are also always available. The year of manufacture is stated on the detail sheet.

We also supply all the usual piping for suction and blow transports from our warehouse. Check our catalog for further details. Ordered before noon is delivered the next day.

Our mould maintenance products and purging products are also supplied from our warehouse.

Below you will find a number of devices in the spotlight. You can quickly find what you are looking for in the menu on the left.

Rotor diameter 35 cm

Transmission11 kW

Mouth 50 x 60 cm 

Showroom model

Rotor diameter 25 cm

Rotor length 45 cm

Showroom model

Rotor diameter 25 cm

Rotor length 30 cm

Showroom model