DPA compressed air dryer

Compact dryer for installation on machine

G-ESN hot air dryer

Pre-drying or drying of non-hygroscopic materials 

DS 503-507 single desiccant tower dryer

Compact desing, efficient drying

DP 604-615 double desiccant tower dryer

Precision and modularity

DP 619-624 double desiccant tower dryer

Precision and modularity .. and more drying capacity

DP 640-644 double desiccant tower dryer

Flexibility and energy saving

Modula auto-adaptive central drying systems

Consistent efficiency

Genesys high efficiency dryer

69.2 W/KG/H - The lowest energy utilization ever verified by TÜV

HR desiccant rotor dryer

Efficiency of operation at the lowest cost possible

RPA mould dryer

RPA Mould Dryers for maximum system productivity


Crystallizer, dryer and raw material transport for BCF extrusion line

State of the art PET technology

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