Chem-Trend acquires Ultra Purge™

Chem-Trend has greatly expanded its portfolio of purging agents through the acquisition of Ultra Purge™. As a Result, they have been able to strengthen their position in the plastic processing sector.

CS Plastics is the distributor of Chem-Trend in the Benelux. In our warehouse In Lokeren We now also have an extensive range of Ultra Purge available. This to guarantee a fast and cost-efficient delivery to our customers.

In Addition, all current release agents and mould maintenance products are available as before.

Ultra Purge products are ready-to-use purging compounds designed to increase productivity during color and material changes, start-ups and carbon removal procedures. This for all plastic applications.

These products are recommended by major machine and colorant producers:

  • An increase in efficiency and lower costs
  • Our purging agents are working at your standard process temperature
  • Safe for the machine and the hot-runner system
  • Safe for the operators
  • Environmentally responsible

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You can download the brochure here