Recycling of cables

BEWEL stands for Protected Workshops Limburg and is one of the largest employers in the province. They are active in different sectors, both in their own workshops and in the end customer.

For a recycling line of PP tube with copper cable, we installed both the granulator with feed tape and the sorting line of the grinding goods.

A sound-insulated grinder with an open rotor is equipped with a modified entry funnel. The feed band is integrated under the grinder and ensures a direct drain.

The spacious sorting line can accommodate several operators and contains an upper-facing magnet for metaals separation at the end.

Ergonomics and safety are important aspects in the study and development of the whole.

An important player in this project is the company Recy-Kab. They specialize in the processing of electrical cables with complete division of the various plastic and metal fractions. In this story they take care of the supply of the material to be recycled.


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