Octabin handling systems

Technical information

Octabins are used with or without a liner. Often it is sufficient to have a suction pipe (always use a double, sufficient, long execution) placed into the octabin for suction transport to the consumer.

To support the material transport the octabin is sometimes drawn diagonally by a rotary station, with or without drilling. However, it still requires attention from the operator to empty the octabin completely.

With the frequent use of octabins an extensive automation may be considered. There are various levels of automation: octabins can be emptied through a discharge suction station or they can be poured or flipped in which the material ends up in the intermediate containers.

The picture above shows a rotary system for the complete emptying of octabins. The lid of the cardboard octabin is removed by the operator. The machine puts an intermediate container as a lid on the octabin and turns it over. By making use of several intermediate containers octabins can be fully used without any problems throughout the company. Each octabin can be moved with a forklift to its destination. The material can not be polluted and the octabin empties completely during rotation.